Building Japanese Tool Box
to Sep 16

Building Japanese Tool Box

Japanese Toolbox Workshop by Palo Coleman – at Rockler Hardware and Woodworking, Cambridge, MA


This course will guide you through the process of building a simple Japanese toolbox. organized around the tools each individual will want to include based on practical needs. 


A Japanese toolbox is a single-board box that can be organized in myriad ways, based on the size of the largest tool to be included. Traditionally it is set up on site on the floor, making the necessary tools for the job easily available. Japanese carpenters use these durable, stackable, portable boxes frequently (whether butt-joined or nailed together). 


Each student will build a simple box by learning both traditional Japanese techniques and also methods of adapting these techniques for non-traditional needs by using power tools. The workshop is a great introduction to adapting Japanese processes in building. You will finish the workshop with a working toolbox! The workshop meets on Saturday, with a possible extension to Sunday in order to provide time for you to finish constructing a box.





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